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Waste Management Phoenix Open

Is That Seat Taken?

Everyone knows the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is the Waste Management Phoenix Open’s most famous hole. The hole itself is an unassuming 160-yard par 3, but come tournament week it accommodates nearly 20,000 fans in a stadium-like atmosphere – one of the most unique experiences on the PGA TOUR from both a fan and player perspective. The 2014 event will feature 192 skyboxes surrounding the 16th hole up 20 from the last year’s total of 172. That’s a lot of seats! And, while tournament officials have always said the “sky’s the limit,” we think we just hit our sky. While the 16th hole may not have any more room to grow, one thing’s for sure, it is and will continue to be one of the most exciting and electrifying holes on the PGA TOUR.

There are, however, plenty of other holes with ample room to grow. Take holes 17 and 18 for instance. The 2012 event saw the Greenskeeper area – arguably one of the best venues at the Waste Management Phoenix Open – move lakeside adjacent to the 17th green and across the pond from the 18th tee. The stadium at the 16th hole didn’t happen overnight and moving the Greenskeeper area at last year’s event was step one in an overall plan to elevate the excitement at tournaments finishing two holes. Step two involves adding additional skyboxes on both 17 and 18 which had 29 and 26 skyboxes respectively last year. The plan also calls for added general admission grandstand seating near the 17th green and we even have something special for our retired and active military personnel and their families as a way of saying thanks for all they do in support of this country, called the Patriots’ Outpost.

Long story short, spectators at the 2014 event can enjoy the added seats positioned around the property, specifically the last four holes coming down the stretch – 15, 16, 17 and 18. It’s just one of the many reasons the Waste Management Phoenix Open gets better and better year-after-year.

Things To Do In Phoenix

Phoenix’s perpetual sunshine might tempt you to find a secluded resort and spend all your days sipping margaritas next to the swimming pool. Don’t give in. Exploring our city and finding things to do in Phoenix’s desert horizons will broaden yours.

Experience the Culture

Our museums and attractions are not to be missed. For a uniquely Southwestern experience, stroll through the Desert Botanical Garden to see desert plants, or visit the Heard Museum for Native American art and culture. If it’s contemporary art you seek, the Phoenix Art Museum and SMOCA are for you. If you have kids, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Arizona Science Center and the Phoenix Zoo are must-dos.

Get Outdoors

Phoenix is located in one of the lushest and most colorful deserts in the world, and rugged mountains define the city’s horizon. In winter, sunshine warms hiking and biking trails. In spring, blooming cactuses and wildflowers carpet hillsides and valleys. Enveloped by such breathtaking scenery, outdoor enthusiasts who visit Phoenix usually come to the same conclusion as coyote pups and jackrabbits: The Sonoran Desert is a great place to play. See our Outdoor Activities for more ideas.

Relaxing Lifestyle

Phoenix is famous for palm-tree-shrouded resorts, desert golf courses and elegant fashion centers. So relax your way, whether it’s on a golf course, in a spa or by shopping. Or if you want to get out on the town, check out our entertainment options for where to go after dark.




PF Chang’s Rock n Roll Marathon

PF Chang’s Rock n Roll Marathon

When: January 19, 7:15 AM.

The marathon and half marathon are flat, fast, and fun- perfect for runners and walkers of all ability levels. First-timer or Boston-bound, both routes were designed to help you finish in record time. Live bands every mile, local cheer teams, and themed water stations add spirit and inspiration as you run through Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. The course tours through the three host cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. The Marathon and Bike Tour start in Downtown Phoenix from CityScape while the Half Marathon and Mini Marathon are looped courses launching from Downtown Tempe. $45 – $150. Register at:

1 E Washington St
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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Three Types of Schedules Offered By Phoenix Golf Schools

Known for their large population and dry sunny summers, Phoenix golf schools are a great place to perfect your game in a comfortable atmosphere surrounded by like-minded people. With highly skilled instructors, certified, and some even retired professionals, you have many options at your disposal for learning environment and class type. If you’re considering enrolling in a course offered by one of these educational gaming institutions, read on for three types of program schedules that might suit your lifestyle.

Private Lessons


These can be short or long term sessions, and are generally more expensive than the other packages offered through facilities in the area. Many classes of this type are taught by an ex-professional or a certified trainer with advanced skills of their own. Benefits of this style of teaching include one on one time without interruption or distraction, and follow up from your instructor after the lessons conclude. These are great for the serious golfer who has time in their weekly schedule to allow for 3 to 4 days of practice, but can also be great for the casual player who just wants to brush up on a few specifics rather than taking a steady course.


One and Two Day Classes


One day classes are usually the most popular, as they include a variety of tactics and training in approximately five to six hours of instruction. This is great for an introductory session, or as a tune up for those who have been out of the game a while. Two day programs offer a more extensive lesson and allow for follow up on day one with services like video analysis to see what progress you’ve been making, and where you still have work to do. Half day courses are also available, but for the prices and time constraints they give, it’s usually more cost efficient and beneficial to go with a private lesson if this is something of interest to you.


Three Day Program


This is the course you want to enroll in if you’re looking for serious improvement in a short period of time. More expensive than other sessions due to its intensive nature, these courses involve spending time on the green with two or three other players and a professional trainer who will go over step by step guidance and instruction in multiple styles and methods of the game. Most of these curriculums are practiced over fifteen to twenty hours in total, divided between the three day periods. Schedules are more advanced and tightly followed in this regiment, which is perfect for tuning up specifics that each member of the class needs extra work with.


No matter what kind of class your current weekly schedule allows for, these well-structured, fun, and focused courses can be customized to suit your budget and timeframe. For information on specific features at the many different facilities located around this bustling city, check program websites or contact the gaming facilities directly for more options.


Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers

When: January 15, 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

Witness the annihilation of the L.A. Lakers in person. Show your game ticket on the Valley Metro Light Rail and receive a free round trip ride to USAC on game day. Tickets start at $10.–phoenix-suns-vs-los-angeles-lakers/3515

201 E Jefferson St
Phoenix, Arizona 85004